We at Structural Specialties, specialize in executing projects of both large & small repair schemes & our teams are experienced in external repair & strengthening works including concrete repairs, plasters & renders, water- proofing & corrosion mitigation.


New Construction

General Civil Construction
With years of experience in handling repairs and strengthening of critical Building structures, Structural specialities also offers through its division general Construction services.

Welcome to Structural India

Welcome to Structural India

Structural Specialities & Projects India Pvt. Ltd is a leading specialist contractor undertaking repair, strengthening, refurbishment and general contracting of civil engineering structures and buildings throughout the country.

Structural Specilities has successfully completed numerous projects of structural repairs, strengthening, water-proofing and protection in the residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure space of the industry.

Structural Specialities is focused on delivering quality technical solutions in a safe and efficient environment. We focus on our customer’s requirements and are proactive and quick to embrace modern thinking and employ innovating techniques in solving clients problems.

In many ways, repairs, retrofitting and strengthening is far more complex than new construction. With new construction, established procedures yield predictable results. In repair, however, many variables, risks and complex challenges make every project unique. Successful repairs, strengthening demands a professional multi-skilled approach and an organization with extensive in-house resources and experience.

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News and Events

AFR BuildingConstruction of AFR Structure at ACC
- 26 April 2016
Cooling Tower RepairsMajor Repairs to IDCT's at Akrimota,Bhuj
- 22 April 2016
Siemens, GoaRepairs & Waterproofing to Plant
- 20 April 2016
Times of India, AiroliRepairs to RCC Floor
- 19 April 2016
Siemens, KhargarRepairs, Rehabilitation & Retrofit
- 10 March 2016
Siemens, KharagpurRepairs to Plant at Siemens Kharagpur
- 10 February 2016
Repairs at ACC MadhukarraiRepairs to Existing Plant Structures
- 15 July 2015
Times of IndiaStrengthening of Existing Structure
-  1 July 2015
Repairs to Kakkad ChambersRepairs and Strengthening of Building
- 22 June 2015
Repairs to Petrochemical PlantRepairs and Strengthening Works
-  5 March 2015
Repairs to German ConsulateDurability Repairs to German Consulate
-  2 March 2015
Structural Strengthening at CanpackStrengthening of Cut-outs
- 17 February 2015